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Not Just Metaverse

Web3.0 is not a metaverse, crypto or Nft in isolation..

At MetaKraze we believe in overwhelming value creation. Our visionary team have rigorous execution ethics with an eye on the bigger picture (the Why?), we look to understand at each stage on how we can maximize your ROI (return on investment). We add value to your metaverse strategy by integrating both social token/crypto and NFTs to your creations. 

  • Crypto/Social Tokens ​​​​- Its all about cost vs benefits and relatively low cost of implementation for your own brand/business social tokens or currency could potentially be quite rewarding.

  • NFTs - The oldest business in the world is exchange of value for products or services, historically we have had witnesses, middleman to facilitate - now you have a digital traceable and transparent transaction platform in the form of NFTs. 

  • Metaverse - Completely virtual world on network that connects human value exchange system thru NFTs and have its own digital financial economy thru cryptos/social tokens on blockchain.​​

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